Sorry I didn’t get a comic posted last week, it was kind of a long one :/

At least it wasn’t as bad as Artemis and Fini’s week is about to turn out.

** EDIT 16 Sept. 2014 **

Dear readers, I’m sorry to announce that Exiled will be going on hiatus.  This is something I have gone back and forth on for a while and right now it feels like the best move for me to make.  Right now there is a lack of passion working on the comic and what seems like a lack of time.  You can read a more about it on my tumblr if you like where there is a more detailed post about it.

I plan to continue posting sketches and illustrations there and and you can always see what I’m up to on twitter (although I’m not sure if I’m actually that interesting).  Once again I’m sorry I came to this decision but plan the let everyone know when updates resume again.